Welcome to the fascinating world of…shower heads! Well..you may not find them so fascinating unless you are a complete snob about your bath time like I am. Some people like to get in, get wet and get out. That sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it? But you know what I mean. Others, however, are looking for that perfect shower experience. Its that time of the day where you get to be alone (hopefully), relax and unwind even if it is just 15 minutes. On top of that, you want quality and you want value for you money. And that’s why I’m here. If you know exactly what type of shower head you are looking for, go ahead and click to skip down to Rain Shower Heads, Handheld Shower Heads, Water Saving Shower Heads, Dual Shower Heads, Shower Head Speakers, High Pressure Shower Heads, LED Shower Heads, Shower Head Filters. Otherwise, skim over the table and keep reading to find the best shower head for you!

delta in2ition reviewDelta In2ition® 4-Function Handshower 4.7$$
hansgrohe raindanceHansgrohe Raindance Showerhead4.9$$$
ana bath dual shower headAna Bath 5 Function Showerhead Combo4.6$
grohe euphoria cosmopolitanGrohe Euphoria Cosmopolitan4.0$$
american standard flowise water saving shower headAmerican Standard Flowise Water Saving Shower4.9$
high pressure shower headSpeakman S-2252 Anystream High Pressure Shower Head4.8$
moen velocity rain shower head reviewsMoen S6320 Velocity Rainshower Showerhead4.9$$
danze sunflower shower headDanze Sunflower Shower Head4.5$$
led shower head reviewsVDOMUS® Rainfall LED Shower Head4.3$
delta rain shower head reviewsDelta Arzo Rainfall Shower Head4.7$
grohe freehander double shower head reviewsGROHE Freehander Dual Head Shower 4.7$$$$
culligan shower filter reviewsCulligan 10,000 Gallon Filtered Showerhead4.7$
kohler moxie reviewKOHLER Moxie Showerhead & Wireless Speaker4.5$$
best low flow shower head reviewsHigh Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head4.9$

What is the Best Shower Head?

Is your bathroom your happy place? I know it is for me. There is no other room in my house quite as important as my bathroom. Every evening, I light some candles, turn some music on low and release all my stresses from the day while the water rushes down my body from my rain shower head, relaxing every inch of me. I couldn’t imagine life without my Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead, but does it mean its the best shower head? Maybe for me, yes, but not necessarily for everyone. Some people prefer a low pressure vs a high pressure shower head, while others favor the LED shower heads with lights flashing around them. Even still, some prefer the shower head speakers that allow them to jam out to their favorite tunes while they cleanse. My goal is to help you find the best shower head for you, the one that soothes your soul so that you can create your own little bathroom oasis. And who better to take advice from than a plumbers daughter?

Best Rain Shower Head

hansgrohe raindance shower head system reviewsA rain shower head lets you experience the feeling of showering in the rain indoors and these are one of the most popular types of shower heads. They evenly disperse water to your entire body at once than just one little section at a time. Rain shower heads come in all shapes, sizes and prices so it might be hard to narrow down your options. If you are looking to skip the research and start shopping, we recommend the Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead to give you the best bang for your buck! Head over to our Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Review to see why. Otherwise, head to our guide to finding the best rain shower head to look at your options.

Best Handheld Shower Head

delta in2ition handheld shower headHandheld shower heads allow you to move around freely in your shower and reach those hard to get places. These are a great option for bathing children or pets, and seniors particularly favor a hand held shower head. One of the most popular handheld shower heads is the Delta In2ition 4-Setting Two-in-One Handheld Showerhead, proving that relaxation can come in the form of a shower thanks to its H20kinetic design. With four spraying options, you are sure to find the perfect setting to make every shower a pleasurable one. Click the image for more details and reviews on the Delta In2ition or continue to our guide to finding the best handheld shower for more information on finding the best shower head for you.

Best Water Saving Shower Head

water saving shower headWater saving shower heads are for those eco-friendly consumers looking to not only save water, but save money. Technology and appliances are ever evolving as we continue to move toward a more eco friendly environment and with that comes the low flow high efficiency shower heads. While many fear that these water saver shower heads will ultimately lead to a shower with zero water pressure, let us put your worries at ease. You don’t have to sacrifice shower quality in order to save water. For example, the American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water Saving Shower Head offers 3 unique spray settings to achieve the ultimate showering experience with its pressurized chamber that rapidly spins the water out. For more information and reviews on water saving shower heads, head over to our guide on water saving shower heads.

Best Dual Shower Head

grohe dual shower head

Dual shower heads give you more options while in the shower. There are a few different types of dual shower heads you can go for. One option is the combo shower head system equipped with a fixed shower head and a handheld shower head like that of the Ana Bath Handheld Showerhead . On the other hand, you can go with a fixed double shower head that allows you to adjust each head to a different spray patterns, like that of the Neptune Double Shower Head. However, if you are looking for the most popular and top rated dual shower head, follow our recommendation and go with the exquisite GROHE Freehander Dual Shower Head. If you would like more information, head over to our guide for dual shower heads.

Top Shower Head Speaker

kohler moxie showerhead

Shower Head Speakers, also known as Bluetooth Shower Heads, are the latest and greatest among techies. This innovative new model is one that only few manufactures have ventured to try. This new design allows you to listen to music, and sometimes answer calls, right from your very shower without the fear of water harming your device. These speakers are waterproof after all! The bluetooth enabled technology allows you to stream from your devices that are outside of your bathroom so you can sing in the shower all you want. Even better, the speakers can often be removed and used as a wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker on the go, anywhere in your home. The most popular option and our pick would definitely be the KOHLER Moxie Showerhead , the best Bluetooth Shower Head on the market. If you aren’t sold on Kohler Moxie yet, then check out our Bluetooth Shower Head Speakers and Review Guide.

Best High Pressure Shower Head

high pressure shower headHigh pressure shower heads, sometimes called a high flow shower head, are just the answer if you are looking how to increase water pressure in the shower. Low water pressure can be a serious damper on a great shower experience. It makes it difficult to rinse the shampoo and conditioner from your hair and can leave your skin feeling slimy from the soap. It also takes more time to shower which ultimately causes you to waste water, therefore increasing the water bill. Fortunately, there is an answer to this looming problem. There are plenty of powerful shower heads on the market today, but if you are looking for the best shower head for low water pressure, we recommend the Speakman S-2252 Anystream High Pressure Shower Head. This high flow shower head provides 48 individual sprays that allows you to find the perfect pressure and achieve the ultimate showering experience. For more details, check out our full Speakman Shower Head Review  or for our other recommendations on high flow shower heads, such as the Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Shower Head, check out our guide for the Best High Pressure Shower Head.

Best Light Up Shower Head

rain light up shower headLight up shower heads are all the rage for consumers of every age and gender. These light up shower heads are equipped with LED lights that allow you to light up the shower with colors of the rainbow, some changing colors sporadically while others change colors depending on the water temperature. This makes for not only a more fun shower, but a smarter shower too. Many moms find the temperature sensor convenient for bathing their children so they don’t risk the water being too warm (or too cold). This also comes in handy for seniors as well. There are plenty of LED shower heads available and finding the right one depends on your needs and preferences. However, we highly recommend the VDOMUS Rainfall LED Shower Head  not only for the great quality and excellent ratings, but also for its unique modern design and the benefit of the temperature sensor. Head over to our guide for the Best LED Light Up Shower Heads for the full review and our other recommendations!

Best Hard Water Shower Head Filter

waterchef best shower filterMany people use water filters for their kitchen sinks and drinking water but often have never heard of shower filters for shower heads. In fact, hard water in the shower can have plenty of negative and damaging effects leading to itchy, rashy skin and dry hair. By simply installing a shower filter, the high levels of chemicals and chlorine will be eliminated from your water leaving it clean and free from the harmful effects of hard water. A water softener can leave your skin feeling silky, smooth and return your hair condition to soft and healthy again. There are plenty of shower head filters available depending on what you are looking for and your budget. Our pick for the best shower filter is the WaterChef® Premium Shower Filter System It features a two stage filtration system that has ThermalGuard to provide excellent chlorine reduction and consumers rave about it. To read more about this shower filter and our other recommendations, head over to our Guide to the Best Shower Filter Reviews.