Vida Alegria Spashower Square Rain Shower System

The newest trend in shower heads is to have a rain shower, washing the stress of the day away. This is a great idea and in the past it was often something that only spas would offer. Now, people can enjoy this relaxation while at home in their own private showers. There are a variety of rain shower heads available, but according to most people, none are as great as the Vida Alegria Spashower. For that reason, we encourage you to read our Vida Alegria Spashower square rain shower head review.

Features of the Vida Alegria Square Shower Head

vida alegria square rain shower headThis 8” square shower head has 144 Jet Nozzles that you can rub clean because they are made with silicone. This provides a consistent, soft, and a soothing rain flow water stream.

It is simple to install and comes with everything you need, including Teflon tape. It has illustrated instructions and sturdy brass connectors. The only thing you need to purchase for it may be the extension arm, which will put the shower head higher up and tilted down so that you get the full rainfall shower effect you have been searching for.

If it does not have the flow that you want, you can easily remove the flow restrictor. This will give you better spray and power in the shower. This makes it ideal for low pressure situations.

With the Vida Alegria Spashower rain shower head, you get a full 3-year no hassle warranty. You simply have to call or email at any time and a customer service representative will tell you how to take advantage of the warranty. More features =>

Benefits of a Square Rain Shower Head

best square rain shower headThis square rain shower head is a great way to relax at the end of a hard day. The 8-in square head provides you with a gentle rainfall of water. It comes in two colors for you to choose from, either brushed nickel or chrome. It is easy to clean. However, if you do find that water spots are developing on it, you can use an after shower cleaning spray to ensure that it stays shiny and new looking for a long time to come.

Reviews Of the Rainfall Shower Head

This very modern shower head is preferred by many. That is why it holds a 5-star rating. Most people say that although it is modern in design it is also going to create a very classy shower. They compare it to a high-end spa shower experience and state that it looks, and feels, like a shower that should be in a 5-star hotel. They state that it has a great price and works even better than they would have ever imagined, even after years of use. For that reason, we have to say that this rainfall shower head is ideal for anyone who wants to shower in the rain. See more about the Vida Alegria Spashower square rain shower head here.

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