The Grohe Euphoria Shower Head Review

If you love the idea of a rain shower head in your bathroom, why waste money paying for a shower head that has wasted space? Most rain style shower heads are square, but the “rain” only comes out of a circle. The Grohe Euphoria is different. With it you do not have to pay for part of a shower head that you will never be able to use. The shower head itself is round, the jets are in a circle. There is very little wasted space on the head, so you get the full rain shower experience. However, many people still want to know if it is worth it. Read the Grohe Euphoria shower head review to find out.

grohe euphoria shower head

Grohe Euphoria Cosmopolitan Features

This is one shower head that lives up to its name. The Euphoria Cosmopolitan is as sleek looking at it sounds. It comes with the StarLight chrome finish. This means that it will not tarnish and will maintain its mirror finish. It is also scratch

grohe euphoria cosmopolitan shower head

*Shower Arm Not Included

resistant, which is very nice considering that the shower head can adjust to different angles and rotate up to 15 degrees.

It is designed to provide you with a luxurious rain shower experience. However, this does not mean that it is a delicate shower head. It still promises to be durable enough to last you for many years to come.

The Grohe Euphoria shower system is an easy to clean shower head. It features spray nozzles that resist limescale. If they to happen to show signs of buildup over time, all it takes is a swipe of your finger to remove it. This is because it is a shower head that uses the SpeedClean technology that Grohe is known for.

This shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. This will preserve water while still providing you with enough water to feel as though you have taken a shower. This is taken one step further with the Grohe DreamSpray technology that ensures water is distributed evenly within the shower head. The consistency of the rain means that each spray nozzle gets ample amount of water to completely cover your entire body.

One bonus of this shower head is the fact that you get a full 7 1/16 inches in diameter of water spray nozzles. This ensures that you will have an amazing shower experience.

Benefits of the Grohe Euphoria Shower Head

Grohe as a company is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. This shower head is definite proof of that. The SpeedClean technology combined with the DreamSpray makes it an ideal solution for most people, especially those who want a durable, contemporary shower head for very little money. Amazon reviewers love this shower head…check out the reviews for yourself.

Should You Make the Cosmopolitan Yours?

If you like the idea of taking a shower in the rain, then the Grohe Euphoria shower head should definitely be one that you consider. It looks great, works great, and provides you with a full body, soothing rain experience. The only possible issue with it for some people is that you may need to buy a shower arm for it so that it can be over your head. If you were to put it in the normal place for shower heads, you will end up very disappointed. Overall, it is a quality shower head that most people will love.