Niagara Earth 1.5 GPM Shower Unit Review

If water conservation is something you are passionate about, this Niagara shower head is something you want to consider. Our clean water supplies dwindle depending on the amount of rain we are able to get as well as a variety of other things. For this reason, most shower heads are designed to use less water. However, this does not always mean that you will get a high-pressure shower, and most people enjoy water pressure. That is why Niagara has designed an energy efficient shower head that promises water pressure at even fewer gallons per minute than other shower heads. The question is, will it meet your expectations? Read our Niagara Earth 1.5 GPM shower head review to find out.

Features of the Niagara Shower Head

niagara shower head The Niagara low flow shower head produces a powerful jet of water while using only a little water. With its 1.5 gpm shower head rating, you can save the water supply and also save money on your power bill, even if you enjoy taking those really long hot showers.

It works by using a patented pressure compensating technology that provides you with a very powerful, consistent flow of water. It works even if you live in a home that has very little water pressure. However, it does not add air to the water to make it forceful. This means you will not lose heat as quickly as other “pressurized” shower head.

Best of all, there are 9 water spray settings that give you everything from a gentle spray of water to a pulsating jet stream of it. All you have to do is rotate the head to the setting you want.

This shower head is easy to install. No tools will be required and you get a 72-inch hose that will never tangle up. You can choose from either white or chrome-plated. They are both corrosion resistant and meets all ANSI specifications for quality. A fact that is backed up by its outstanding 10-year guarantee. See more features =>

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Shower Head

By using this low flow shower head, you get a much more efficient shower than other shower heads that claim to provide you with more. You get a warmer shower using less hot water and less energy usage, because it is not aerated. It works because you do not have to turn on as much hot water as you normally would. Your water heater will not have to work as hard and neither will the overall power supply going into your home. All of this while giving you an unbeatable amount of spray settings to ensure your shower has all the massaging pressure that you could ask for.

Customer Opinions on the Earth Shower Head

The reviews from other people who have purchased this shower head, all seem to agree that it is ideal. It holds a 4.5-star rating after 790 reviews. Most people state that it is an amazing shower head that provides pressure, even if you have no water pressure. They say for the price, it is unbeatable. It should satisfy every person in your home by providing enough settings to give everyone their dream shower.

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