Moen Vitalize Rain Shower Head Review

Everyone knows that a shower is only as good as the water pressure and shower head in your home allows for it to be. That is why most people put so much thought into the right shower head for their home. It is also why Moen, a very popular brand of faucets and shower heads, creates so many different shower head options. One of the best, according to many, is the Vitalize. To see if it is your dream shower head, read our Moen rain shower head review.

moen vitalize rain shower headFeatures of the Moen Shower Head Vitalize

This shower head is a self-pressurizing shower head to give you an invigorating shower experience. This means it is 7 inches of pure enjoyment for anyone who wants a shower that is simply relaxing. This feature also makes it unique among rain shower heads, which generally are more subtle. In fact, it promises to be 3-times more powerful than all other rain showers.

The large shower head also ensures you get an all over water spray that most people find enjoyable. You will never again have to deal with cold areas of your body while you are standing in a heated shower. It also means, when you are ready to rinse off, you are able to rinse off completely.

The shower head has only one water spray setting, but the head does swivel to adjust to the various sizes of people in your home. It is truly a shower head that can keep up with your family’s needs as everyone grows up.

It is available in either Chrome or Brushed Nickel colors. The Brushed Nickel is one of the most popular because it resists fingerprints and water spots. This ensures that you shower will always look great, even if you do not clean your shower after every use.

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Benefits of the Moen Rain Shower Head

Most people love rain shower heads because they provide an all-over water spray that people enjoy. However, most people do not like the water trickle that comes with most of the rain shower heads. The Vitalize promises to change the way that we feel about low-pressure rain showers by providing you with an all over, pressurized spray.

Potential Issues with the Moen Shower Head

According to most of the Moen shower head reviews for the Vitalize, it is a good product. However, there are some that say, even with the high pressure that comes from it; it may clog if you have hard water. This is not a problem according to most people, but there are a few who have had to clean it more often than they wanted to.

Is This Moen Vitalize Shower Head Worth Trying?

Overall, the Vitalize has an average rating of 4.7-stars. This should prove to most people that it can be a reliable, dependable shower head. We personally love the water pressure that it has in comparison to other rain shower heads. We feel that if you have ever been let down by the pressure of your shower, this shower head could be the solution you have waited on.

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