Kohler Forte Shower System Review

Kohler is a name that has been around for many years. They manufacture many items for your home to help you create the bathroom and kitchen the way that you want. Their name promises quality. The new, single function shower head promises the same. Will it live up to your expectations? Read our Kohler Forte shower head review to find out.

Kohler Forte Shower Head Features

kohler forte shower headThis shower head uses katalyst air induction technology. This maximizes the air and water mix to provide you with a lot of water pressure and an even flow of water from each of the 66 nozzles.

The nozzles are designed to give you a larger coverage area than other shower heads. They are also larger than standard shower heads so that you get a larger stream of water from each nozzle. However, it also minimizes wasteful water spray so that you can get cleaner faster. You will also be able to rinse your hair more efficiently than ever before.

This shower head uses 2.5 GPM. This means that it will not run up your water bill or cause you to waste a lot of water.

There are 4 color choices for you to choose from. This includes chrome and brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and French Gold, so that you may choose the color that best suits your bathroom decor. Check out the other colors here =>

Benefits of the Kohler Rain Shower Head

If you have low water pressure at home, this Kohler rain shower head is a great shower head to increase water pressure. This is due to its high pressure technology. The large water spray nozzles and the air and water mix ensures the water coming out is pressurized. This will not only provide you with a better shower, but will leave you feeling cleaner.

Owner Opinions of the Kohler Shower Head

This shower head has been called the “best Kohler shower head” by many of its owners. That is why most owners give it a 5-star rating and it has earned an overall 4.8-star average for a variety of reasons. They love the price and the fact that it is a powerful shower head to use. It is easy to install. They do say that if you are still not getting the water pressure that you want, you can remove the green flow restrictor that is inside. It is easy to do and can increase your water pressure by a substantial amount.

The only thing that most people would change about it if they could is the fact that there are no other settings on the shower head. Where other shower heads may offer pulse settings and massaging jets of water, this one only has one setting. However, most people do say that it is not a problem for them because the pressurized water flow is a massage in itself.

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