Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Head System Review

If a good shower is as important to you as it is for most people, then you may want to consider all the new options in shower heads. One of the main ones that has people everywhere talking is the Raindance Downpour AIR Shower Head by Hansgrohe. However, before you run out to buy one for yourself, you may want to know a little more about it. That is why you should take a look at all of its good and bad and read through the Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Head System Review to see if it is what you have been waiting for.

Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Head System

This shower head measures 10 inches around. It is available in both chrome and nickel brushed color choices. The
Hansgrohe Raindance shower head
is easy to clean thanks to the anti-calcification feature, which allows you to simply rub the shower head to clean all the limescale deposits from it. This is because the shower ports, where the water comes out, is made with flexible silicon nozzles.

hansgrohe raindance shower head system reviews

It is an overhead shower system that combines air and water to give you a whole new shower experience. The result is a gently relaxing and soft showering experience that anyone who loves a summer shower will want to enjoy.

The Hansgrohe Raindance shower head was created by a company that has more than 100 years in the business of making showers more enjoyable for people. They are one of the very few companies who create showerheads that put AirPower technology to good use.

Pros of the Hansgrohe Raindance

  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Enjoy
  • Large Full Bodied Shower Head for Full Body Coverage
  • Steady Down Pouring Rain Shower
  • Made of Durable Materials
  • Very Relaxing Shower Experience

Possible Issues with the Hansgrohe Shower Head

  • You Do Not Get the Shower Arm. This is easily purchased from other places or you should be able to use the one you already have if you are upgrading to a better suspended shower head.
  • The Price. Some people are willing to pay for quality, some are not. With this showerhead though, it is definitely worth it to experience it.

Hansgrohe Reviews from Current Owners

This is one of the very few shower heads that people give a 5 star rating to across the board. You can read through review after review on how it looks great and how much people love the rain shower experience that comes from the Hansgrohe Raindance AIR Shower System. Most users feel that it provides adequate pressure to give it a summer storm feeling.

Of the few negative opinions on it, they are mostly related to the water pressure. It is a rain shower head. This means you should not expect a heavy pounding water jet pouring down over your head like the high pressure shower heads.

Is the Hansgrohe Shower System Ideal For You?

One of the major questions posed by the Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Head System Reviews is whether it is a good choice for you. The simple truth is, only you can tell. If you have never used a raining showerhead, then you may want to try it out before you invest the money into this one. If you have used them in the past and loved it, you will be delighted by the experience you will find when you turn on this shower. Continue reading here for more shower head reviews.