Danze Sunflower Shower Head Review

The Danze Sunflower Shower Head is a brilliantly designed high quality shower head that functions flawlessly with some enduring features that will make your next shower a memorable experience. Finished in durable chrome (also available in brushed or distressed nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze) this product carries a limited faucet warranty from the market leading Danze organization. The product is designed to deliver a rain shower experience from its 8” shower head that can rotate 360 degrees on a swivel ball assembly. The Danze shower heads from solid brass looks and feel like a quality addition to the bathroom.

The Sunflower Shower Head Experience

danze sunflower shower headWith a solid brass construction and easy cleaning jets, the Danze Sunflower Shower Head delivers the best shower experience you will ever have. The reputation of Danze shower heads is complimented by this outstanding and durable addition to the range of bathroom fittings. This sunflower shower head, due to its size, gives the user a nice stream of water over the entire body. In short this shower head makes taking a shower a very relaxing and enjoyable experience and you will feel like taking a shower outside during a warm, torrential rainstorm.

Advantages of the Danze Shower Head

The advantages for the home decorator make this a very desirable and complimentary solid brass accessory to any modern bathroom design or renovation. The showerhead with a diameter of eight inches includes 90 jets to accomplish the rain sensation to the discerning user. The angle of the Danze shower head is easily adjusted due to the metal ball joint design. The flow rate of the unit is measured at a maximum 80psi of 2.5gpm. Installation of this beautiful bathroom fitting is simple and can be done in just a few minutes without the use of any tools. Clear and concise instruction is included.

As with any product there are some features that may be seen as issues but they are minor in comparison with the advantages offered. The Danze Shower head requires good pressure and volume to get the best results. The head size is large and requires strong water pressure to ensure that all the jets function as designed. The cover flange on the extension arm is fairly small. The shower head is big and look a bit daunting when looking into the shower.

Some of the Danze reviews received from current units place this unit at the top of functional and effective shower heads available. Reading these Danze reviews will encourage potential consumers to purchase and install the shower head immediately.