Best Outdoor Solar Shower Kits and Reviews

Have you ever been swimming in your pool and felt like you needed to run in and rinse off as soon as you got out of the pool to get the chemicals off you? Do you notice that during the summer, after swimming, your skin and hair feels drier because of the chemicals? You aren’t alone. Chlorine can damage your hair and dry out your skin if you do not at least rinse off with clean water after you get out of the pool. That is why many people are choosing to put a shower in the great outdoors. Do you think it is something you could also enjoy having nearby? If so, continue reading about the outdoor solar showers or skip straight to the best outdoor solar shower reviews.

pool spa outdoor solar shower faucet7 ft Pool Spa Solar Base Outdoor Shower w/ Sprinkler4.1$
yescom foldable outdoor solar showerYescom 7.5 ft Foldable Solar Heated Shower3.8$$$
blue wave outdoor poolside showerBlue Wave Poolside Solar Shower3.0$$$
GAME wood grain outdoor solar showerGAME Outdoor Solar Shower3.9$$$
splash pools solar showerSplash Pools Solar Shower2.5$$$$

What Is an Outdoor Solar Shower?

An outdoor solar shower is a shower that you place outdoors and the sun heats up the water so that you can get a shower while outside. It enables you to rinse off mud, sand, chlorine, and other yucky things that you do not want to carry in your home. To install it, you will need to purchase outdoor shower kits in the areas that you want a shower to be.

Why Do You Need an Outdoor Shower Kit?

If you have ever been to a public pool or a public beach, you may have seen a shower that was outdoors. Typically, these showers work by pushing a button and they allow you to rinse off with cold water. This is so that you do not have to take all of the beach sand or chlorine to your vehicle. An outdoor solar shower serves the same purpose. However, because it is solar, the heat from the sun will warm it up during the day, so that when you need a quick rinse off, the water is warm enough to be comfortable.

Outdoor Solar Shower Reviews

Yescom 7 1/2ft High 2-Section Foldable Solar Heated Shower

yescom foldable outdoor solar shower

This foldable shower extends to 7 1/2 feet, but folds in half for easy storage. This makes it a great option for anyone who may be looking for a solar camp shower. It holds 6.6 gallons of water so that when you are ready for a shower, it is warm and ready for you. However, in the summer when the sun’s heat is at its hottest, it will not heat up to beyond 130F. Read more reviews =>

GAME Outdoor Solar Shower

GAME wood grain outdoor solar shower

This solar shower connects to a standard garden hose and stores 5.5 gallons of water. You can use it as a free standing shower unit or mount it where you want it. It is perhaps one of the solar shower units because it allows you to adjust the water temperature and add cool water to water that is perhaps overheated. Read more =>

7 FT Pool Spa Solar Base Outdoor Shower with Sprinkler

pool spa outdoor solar shower faucet

This outdoor shower faucet heats water quickly, even though it only holds 2.3 gallons at a time. There is a temperature control setting that allows you to adjust the temperature to what is comfortable for you, but it will not heat to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more reviews =>