Best Kids Shower Head Reviews

Dirt and kids seem to go hand-in-hand. There are not many young children who can skip a night of bath time because they get so dirty playing during the day. However, it seems that most kids are not real happy about bath time. This means that parents often have to deal with a variety of struggles to get their toddlers and preschool aged children clean. If you have a child who does not want water in their face, you know all about the potential difficulties of bath time, and you can forget the possibility of a shower. What if you could make bath time more fun and perhaps make your child a little less afraid of shower time? Would you take a chance and give it a try? If so, why not read the best kids shower head reviews to see if they may help you eliminate the struggle when its bath time at your house?

downloadRinse Ace Detachable Hose & Blowfish3.9$$
31g5DN4OZlL._SY355_Froggie the Frog Shower Wand for Kids3.5$
mickey mouse shower head for kidsOxygenics Mickey Mouse Combo Showerhead3.8$$
kids shower headsSesame Street Elmo Shower Spray2.2$
kids spray station for showerSubmarine Spray Station for Bathtub4.1$$

A Shower Head Just For Your Kids?

A shower head for kids is a fun to use shower system that is the right size for young children. If you have a toddler, they will not have to fear the water raining down on them. You can suction cup it to the side of the bathtub and allow them to play with the water spray. This type of shower head has fun characters for the shower head, they are able to stick to the side of the tub or shower wall, they can be used as handheld showers, and most offer a gentle spray that does not spook small kids.

kids shower heads

Advantages of Children’s Shower Heads

One of the main reasons parents choose to get shower heads for kids, is to help them teach their little one that water is okay. A lot of kids have a fear of getting their head wet and often parents have to struggle to wash kid’s hair, the handheld shower head for kids may make this an easier task. It is also useful in homes that do not have a normal bathtub and when it comes time to help your growing child move from bath time to a shower time.

Installation of a Kid’s Shower Head

Installing a toddler shower head is easy to do. They use the same pipes that your normal shower head use and parents have the option to switch from the kids shower head to the adult shower head by flipping a diverter, which is included with these special child-friendly shower heads.

If you would like to see how easy it is to install and use a children’s shower head, you should check out the reviews below. The Rinse Ace 3801 My Own Shower shows you how easy installation can be, as well as offers a few other features to make shower time, fun time.

The Rinse Ace 3801 Detachable Hose and Blowfish Character

kids shower head detachable hose blowfish character

The My Own Shower children’s shower head comes with a 3ft quick connect/detachable hose. The character on it is a blowfish. It easily works with your existing shower head and gives you the ability to adjust the height. It is a softer, gentler spray than standard shower heads. The fact that it is detachable gives some parents piece of mind because they do not have to worry about a hose hanging in the tub with their child. It does come with a one year warranty. To see how it works, make sure you check out the video.

The Rubber Duckie & Friends Frog Shower Head

rubber duckie frog shower head for children

This baby shower head is available with many characters on the head. You can choose a duck, a frog, a hippo, a dolphin, and a rhino character. It is safe for all young children because of the gentle spray, but you do not have to worry about running up your water bill since it has a regulated 1.5 gpm flow rate. The 2-way diverter switches water flow easily from big shower to little one and rubber suction cups means that you can move the shower head around easily.

The Oxygenics Mickey Mouse Combo Shower Head for Kids

oxygenics mickey mouse shower head

This Mickey Mouse shower head for kids allows you to own one of these adorable characters as a shower head. With it, your child can enjoy Mickey Mouse in a whole new way. It has a total of 15 different spray combinations and you are guaranteed to have pressure thanks to the Oxygenics pressure boosting technology. If you feel the water jets are too powerful, you can easily lessen the pressure using a comfort control lever. The handle is made of non-slip rubber gripping so that even the youngest child can hold it easily and explore what a shower is all about. It comes with a 3 way diverter so you can use two shower heads or just one. Also available is Minnie Mouse too!

The Sesame Street Elmo Shower Spray for Children

sesame street elmo shower spray for children

To use this shower spray, you hook it to the side of your tub using suction cups and then pump out water from the tub and out of Elmo. It is completely interactive and a great way to show young children that water can be fun. It washes with soap and you do not have to hook up anything to play with it. However, many reviewers on Amazon aren’t happy with the product and state that it is too difficult for any toddler to pump water out on their own, defeating the purpose. You can read more reviews here.