Best High Pressure Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

Have you ever wondered how to increase water pressure in the shower? Are you aware of the advantages of a high pressure shower head? You should know that increasing the pressure could be as simple as changing the shower head. You can finally have the water pressure that you have always wanted. Consider an option designed for low water pressure, such as our recommendations below . Continue reading to learn more or click here to skip to the Top 3 reviews.

ImageNameFlow RateFinishRating
spashower high flow shower headVida Alegría2.5 gpmchrome4.7
speakman high pressure shower headSpeakman S-2252 Anystream2.0 or
2.5 gpm
multiple finishes4.7
delta high pressure shower headDelta Adjustable Water-Amplifying® 2.5 gpmchrome4.6
WantBa Powerful Rainfall2.5 gpmchrome4.6
thunderhead high pressure shower headThunderhead TH2.52.5 gpmwhite4.2

What Does High Flow Mean?

A high pressure shower head is specifically designed to give you more water pressure without using more water. This is important because most units are only able to put out 2.5 gallons of water per minute so they have restrictors in place to ensure they do not put out more, like those on many water saving systems.

This leaves people choosing to either remove the restrictor and waste water or purchase a new head that actually saves water, but provides the pressure they want. Some shower heads achieve more pressure by offering an adjustable spray setting or by using a pressure chamber.

With the adjustable spray models you will simply be compressing the water through fewer holes to give more pressure. The chamber model will work by adding air and pressure forcing more water out.

Advantage of Using a Powerful Shower Head

Why people choose an option to get better water pressure is their simple desire to feel more when they step into their tub. However, there are several other reasons and each person must decide why it is right for them, or whether it is worth it. Especially if you’ve tried to remove the flow restrictor in your current unit and noticed no difference in flow. Here are a few reasons for you to think about.

  • Tired muscles will no longer ache after a good massage from a high pressure option. You will be able to take a hotter shower than you have ever imagined because thicker streams of pressurized water means you will feel more of the heat.
  • You will feel cleaner. Anyone who has ever taken a bath with higher pressure can tell you that it feels like the soap is rinsed off more thoroughly. The shampoos and conditioners do not stay in their hair because with more pressure it is faster to rinse it out. They feel less slimy and just overall better about the way their skin feels.
  • With the simple fact that it takes less time to rinse your hair and your body, you will be saving water. Your showers will be quicker unless you simply stand in the shower to relax for the time that you would normally spend washing.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice other features that are important to you, whether that be a handheld option, rainfall, or any others like these here.

Top 3 High Pressure Shower Head Reviews

1. Speakman Anystream

high pressure shower headThe Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream is a powerhouse made with durable solid brass and polished chrome to ensure it lives a long life. It has six jets that are adjustable with 48 individual sprays to provide consistent performance.

You should have no problem with power, even if you have very low water pressure in your home. It also comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure satisfaction. It is easy to install and pure pleasure to use.

See our full Speakman review here =>



2. The Spashower 5+ by Vida Alegria

high flow shower headThe Spashower high flow shower head is designed to give the ultimate spa experience to people inside of their home. With it you get a 3 year no hassle warranty. It offers various settings, including the pulsating massage, relaxing rinse, and drenching rain for the ultimate experience.

It is easy to install with help from the step-by-step instruction manual. With this choice, you will also get ultra-thin Teflon tape to ensure no leaks. Its made with brass fittings and ball joint to ensure it lasts for years without cracking or leaking. The restrictor inside of it is easily removed to become even more high flow. That is, if you still feel that you should be getting more flow.



3. The Thunderhead TH2.5

high pressure shower head for low water pressureThe Thunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure Rain Shower Head is not just a rain shower head, but a more powerful one. It features a pressure chamber that shoots out water evenly through ninety spray jets. Additionally, it provides a forceful and relaxing flow regardless of what your water pressure may be normally.

It installs easily and comes with an arm that fits into the palm of your hand. This makes the installation less complicated. It will thread easily onto your existing pipes without tools. It also has a large head that will cover a person’s entire body with all of the jet streams. The Thunderhead truly provides the ultimate showering experience. For more information, check out our full review of the Thunderhead.