Best Hand Shower Slide Bar Review Guide

.Families come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the time, mom is shorter than dad and kids are all different sizes. This can make showers challenging. If you have noticed this is an issue in your home, you have probably tried to install a hand held shower head. Those are inconvenient though because you have to hold them, or put them on the shower wall where they are still too high for some. That is what makes a shower slide bar so nice to have. Are you ready to learn more about the best hand shower with slide bar? Browse the table below or skip straight to the best hand shower slide bar reviews.

ImageNameRating Price
delta hand shower with slide barDelta Faucet Slide Bar Hand Shower4.4$$
moen hand shower slide barMoen Single Function Eco Performance Hand Shower w/ Slide Bar5.0$$
sliding shower headPulse Aqua Rain Shower Spa4.7$$
american standard shower head slide barAmerican Standard Traditional Complete 5 Function Hand Shower Kit4.1$$$
delta sliding shower barDelta Dryden Slide Bar Hand Shower4.6$$$

The Benefits of a Shower Slide Bar

A handheld shower is something most people are familiar with. They make it easy to put the water where you need it and they can make it easy to rinse out hair and soap. The thing is, if you are scrubbing down, you have to hang it up where your typical shower heads are. A slide bar eliminates having the shower head too high for some people. You raise and lower it as you need to by loosening it and then sliding it into a position that is ideal for you. In other words, it is an adjustable height shower head so that everyone can have the shower head where they want for it to be.

Different Features Available for Sliding Shower Bars

One thing that many people love about the handheld shower heads is that most have different water spray settings. Those people worry about having a new sliding shower head because they don’t want to lose the water spray settings that they love. You do not have to worry about this any longer. Many of the adjustable shower heads available have different spray settings to enable you to fully customize the way you take a shower. Some are even available alongside a rainmaker shower head so that you have a spa experience with each shower you take.

Simply look through these shower heads below. They are all adjustable, stylish, and perfect for any sized family. Which one will you decide is the best slide bar shower head?

Top Rated Hand Shower with Slide Bar Reviews

Delta Faucet Hand Shower with Slide Bar

delta hand shower slide bar

This Delta chrome shower set features universal showering components and a shower slide bar. It conserves water because it only uses 2.5 gpm. It has seven different water spray settings, including a massaging shower and an off water setting that allows you to turn off the water flow without turning off the faucets. Read more =>

Moen Single Function Hand Shower Slide Bar

moen hand shower slide bar

Moen offers a single function shower head that sprays water out of a 4” diameter head. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and meets all WaterSense conservation requirements without sacrificing performance. It also looks great in a shower thanks to the brushed nickel color. The hose is 59” so that you can still use it as a standard handheld shower head. Read more =>

Pulse Aqua Rain Shower Spa Sliding Shower Head

shower slide bar

This chrome shower set up is great for most families. It not only has the shower slide bar. It includes a rainmaker shower head and the handheld shower head as well. There is also a soap dish on this shower set up so that you have everything you need within easy reach. The handheld shower head is multi-functioning so that everyone in your home can have the type of shower that they prefer. Read more reviews =>

American Standard Slide Bar Shower Head

american standard shower head slide bar

American Standard gives you a handheld adjustable shower head with 5 functions and a slide bar. It is a complete shower system that connects easily to your existing setup. The fact that it is Satin Nickel in color is appealing to many people. The slide bar is 25” and the shower hose is 59” so that you can fully customize your shower experience. Read more =>

Delta Dryden Hand Shower with Slide Bar

delta sliding shower bar

The Dryden shower has a classic, yet sensible style that appeals to many people for its simplicity. It is a single setting shower head that features clean lines and the dramatic geometric forms that most associate with the Dryden collection. It is designed to preserve the water supply, by meeting all CALGreen standards, while transporting you to an Art Deco period of time. Read more reviews =>