Best Dual Shower Head Reviews

Are you tired of the usual shower experience where you have to move left and right, front and back inside the shower just for you to get your entire body wet? Is your morning shower not good enough to awaken your nerves and get you ready for work? Or is your afternoon bath not relaxing enough with the standard shower head that you have at home? Maybe it is time for you to change that regular shower to a dual shower head and experience how it is to shower in a five star hotel. Click to skip to the Top 3 Dual Shower Head Reviews.

dual shower headAna Bath 5 Function Showerhead Combo4.6$
AKDY 3 way dual shower headAKDY 3-way Overhead Luxury Chrome Shower Head Set4.7$
grohe freehanderGROHE Freehander Dual Head Shower 4.1$$$$
speakman double shower headSpeakman S-2222 Heavenly Anystream 360 Dual Shower Head4.3$$
neptune dual shower headNeptune Dual Shower Heads4.4$

What is a Double Shower Head?

A double shower, or a dual shower system, is a shower head consisting of two separate heads. Water streams separately in these shower sprays. This can either be because of a split shower arm or a handheld shower combined with a fixed shower mounted on the wall. The average water flow allowed is only up to 2.5 gallons per minute but dual shower heads can give you twice the power, making them a great alternative to a standard high pressure shower head. Dual shower heads are perfect for couples who take a bath at the same time, a mother taking a shower while giving her kids a bath, or any individual who like to have that extra stream of water making for an awesome shower experience.

Advantages of a Double Headed Shower

  1. Allows you to get more water flow – The design gives you twice the amount of water in less amount of time. This is actually great for people who are in a hurry taking a shower in the morning and need to be awakened by a quick cold shower. The water flow is stronger and water pressure is better with two shower heads.
  2. Great for couples – This is perfect for couples who take showers together. This is an opportunity for more romance in their love life. Showering together keeps you closer as a couple. You also won’t fight over water flow because you can point each nozzle in different directions. Hence, you can share the shower but not get too cramped and remain intimate.
  3. Less time in the shower – As a couple or on your own, you will be able to spend less time in the shower and not be late for work because you won’t need to wait for your partner to finish. You can instead shower together. Just make sure you take a cold shower so that you will actually save time rather than spending more time inside the shower.
  4. More bathing options – Some double shower heads have a combination of a fixed shower and a telephone/handheld shower letting you experience more shower options. You can use the handheld shower to reach hard to reach areas and at the same time still shower from the fixed nozzle. More bathing options also mean that you can choose different spray patterns that suit your need.

Top 3 Dual Shower Head Reviews

Ana Bath SS5450 Double Shower head with Handheld

dual shower headThe Ana Bath Combo is one of the perfect affordable dual shower head options out in the market. This combo shower system has 5 functions for the handheld shower head and also 5 functions for the showerhead. It is lightweight and has a brushed nickel finish. The water flow rate per shower is 2.31gpm.

The selling point of the shower system is its features: rainfall shower head, quiet, easy to install, massaging head and adjustable. The manufacturer also gives lifetime warranty which assures you that every penny you spent is worth it. This is a favorite of moms who give their kids a bath. They are particularly happy with the length and the function of the handheld shower head that lets them easily bathe their kids. One thing to improve on the unit is the control switch to change the water flow. It’s a little tricky to find because the shower head is big. This is perfect for working moms, individuals and couples.

Zoe Industries Neptune Double Shower Head

neptune dual shower headThe Neptune Dual Shower head is another great buy for dual head showers. This is one of the more affordable and yet durable double shower systems available.

The Neptune has a 3 position spray pattern which ranges from soft spray to full stream. It is made of solid brass that makes it sturdy for you to turn the shower heads independently. It can easily be installed. If you are thinking to shut off one shower head and only use the other, you cannot. You will have to use both showerheads every time. You can adjust the spray settings individually though. Although it might look weird because of its unconventional design, it great for couples who love to shower together. They can point each shower head separately and have more room while in the shower. They can choose different shower settings and enjoy a bath together without fighting about which setting to use.

Grohe Freehander Dual Shower Head

grohe freehander double shower headThe Grohe shower head is a double head shower system and also one of the top rated shower heads on the market. The shower system has a special speedclean feature that lets you get rid of the lime anytime. It has three spray settings for the outer shower head: normal, pulsator and eco. The eco setting is great for those looking for a water saving shower head.

For the inner shower head it has normal, pulsator and off settings. It is also one of the more expensive double showers in the market. This is because of its modern design, starlight chrome finish and its DreamSpray technology, which lets you feel the optimization of water distribution. Showering with the Freehander is luxurious because of its 18 spray combination. It lets you choose which shower option is perfect for you. If you want to take long showers, this is definitely one shower head you need to install in your bathroom.

Taking a shower will never be more relaxing than having a double shower head system installed in your bathroom.