Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews For Your Home

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Even though it is also one of the smallest, there are many decisions to make when it comes to creating your bathroom oasis. It’s important that all of the fixtures flow together, including your bathroom faucet. Luckily, thanks to the fact that more and more people are putting extra effort into their restroom, you have a lot of options and plenty bathroom faucet reviews to look through to find the best bathroom faucet. See our faucet comparison table or skip to the bathroom faucet reviews now.

best bathroom faucetsMoen Ashville Widespread 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet4.7$$$
KES waterfall bathroom faucetKES Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Faucet4.4$$
moen single handle bathroom faucetMoen Single Handle Bathroom Faucet4.9$$$$
peerless modern bathroom faucetPeerless Apex Two-Handle Modern Bathroom Faucet4.4$$
designer impressions best bathroom faucet reviewsDesigner Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet3.9$

Choose Your Bathroom Faucet Style

In the past, bathroom faucets were basically all the same. There were two knobs and a single hole water spout. Now, you have a large variety of choices when it comes to your bathroom sink. There are double handle faucets, single handle faucets, a waterfall bathroom faucet, widespread faucets, wall mount faucets, and vessel faucets for your bathroom. These faucets are all unique. They each create a different look for your bathroom vanity.

If you simply want something different, a single handle faucet may be a great choice. These faucets control the hot and cold water by lifting the handle instead of adjusting two different handles. A waterfall faucet allows water to simply trickle out into the sink. A widespread faucet provides a wider spray from the faucet, but has more force than the waterfall. A wall mounted faucet is great for adding a unique look to your bathroom as well, because your sink can be just a large bowl which sits in your vanity. The same can be said for a vessel style faucet.

Choose Your Faucet Color

After you have decided on the type of faucet you want in your bathroom, you will then have to decide on a color. There are black faucets as well as antique brass, polished brass, bronze, copper, gold, iron, brushed nickel, pearl nickel, and even chrome that is matte, polished, or brushed. You want to make sure the color of your faucet matches your shower head fixtures, bathroom vanity and other fixtures such as your toilet paper holder. This will help you narrow down the choices and pick what you think will look the best.

Consider Your Bathroom Plumbing Style

Before you rush out and purchase a new faucet, you also need to consider your plumbing set up. For instance, if you have a sink that has three holes in it, you do not need to purchase a wall mounted faucet unless you plan to change out your entire sink. On the other hand, if you sink has only one hole or does not have any holes, you should not purchase a faucet that requires three.

To help, as a general rule, there are only a few different sink styles. They include the single hole sink, a 4” mini-spread faucet, which is also called a center-set faucet, and an 8” widespread faucet.

In order for you to gain a better understanding of your choices, why not consider one of the top rated bathroom faucets below? From there, perhaps it will be a little easier for you to narrow down your options as well as discover what others consider to be the best bathroom faucets based on bathroom faucet reviews.

The Top Rated Bathroom Faucets

Moen Ashville Widespread 2 Handle Bathroom Faucet

best bathroom faucets

This modern bathroom faucet is available in bronze or nickel. It resists waterspots, preserves your water supply, and can be installed in sinks that have holes which are spread out between 8-16 inches. It is easy to install and looks great with its slightly higher, single hole waterspout.

KES Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

KES waterfall bathroom faucet

This waterfall bathroom faucet can be either regular height or taller. You can choose from chrome, nickel, gold, or bronze, depending on your other bathroom decor. It is contemporary in style and features a double rotating spout. The kit includes everything that you need to install it easily.

Peerless Apex Two Handle Modern Nickel Faucet

peerless modern bathroom faucet

This ADA compliant faucet gives you a lifetime warranty and looks great. It is a 4” mini style faucet, which means the holes of your sink should be close together. Included with the faucet, you will get a matching sink stopper.

Designer Impression Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Faucet

designer impressions best bathroom faucet reviews

This bathroom faucet can be purchased in either oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel. It has a two handle design and a tall waterspout. Installation is easy and it is a one-piece design that looks great on most bathroom vanities.

Moen Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

moen single handle bathroom faucet

This is a single handle bathroom faucet which is part of the Danika Collection. It resists water spots and has a very basic, but classy style. Moen faucets are designed to last a lifetime so it could easily be the last faucet you will ever need to purchase.