American Standard Rain Shower Head Review

Are you tired of taking showers under a shower head that does not work properly? If so, perhaps it is time that you give the American Standard shower head a try. It has a very large rain shower head that is easy to clean and it is made with polished chrome brass to always look as great as it works.

american standard rain shower head review


Features of the American Standard Rain Shower Head

American Standard shower heads have been preferred by many for their quality and style. This 10 inch in diameter rainamerican standard shower head review shower head is no different. The sheer size of it should tell you that you can enjoy a steady downpour gently flowing
down over your body, relaxing the worries of the day away.

This shower head is the modern way to take a shower and you get to choose whether you want to be surrounded by a soaking rain or hugged by a gentle rain. All you have to do is adjust the water flow to your mood, the shower head will keep up thanks to the fact that it has a flow rating of 2.5 gallons per minute.

There are a variety of finishes available so that you can choose one that matches the decor of your bathroom and regardless of which finish style you choose, it is guaranteed to never tarnish, scratch or corrode. If it does start to show hard water stains or develop issues, it will clean up easily.

The American Standard shower heads are well known for being easy to install and leak free. You will get the necessary parts to install this shower head. However, you will have to purchase the arm and flange separately if you do not already have one in your bathroom.

Benefits of the American Standard Shower Head

One of the main reasons people purchase American Standard is because of their outstanding reputation. For years they have provided top of the line shower heads. The American Standard rain shower head takes it one step further by being easy to care for and clean. It is a great water saving shower head for homes and areas where water conservation truly matters. As a further bonus, you can choose a shower head that matches your personal preferences and the style of your bathroom.

Is the American Standard Rain Shower Head Right for You?

american standard shower head review With rain shower heads, it typically does not matter what type of water pressure you may have in your home, they will still work. These shower heads are not designed to be pressurized. They simply allow the water to “rain” down on you. This is why they are quieter than traditional shower heads and more soothing to the mind.

The biggest thing that you need to consider before purchasing this shower head is that it does work best if you have it ceiling mounted. If your bathroom is not set up for that, you may either need to rework the plumbing or purchase an arm that will put the shower head up closer to the ceiling. This is really the only way that you can take full advantage of the rain shower effect. A lot of people do not consider this before they purchase it and this can lead to a lot of disappointment.

Otherwise, for the money, you could not ask for a better shower head than the American Standard easy clean rain shower head. It is great for anyone who wants to remember their time as a child playing in the rain and feel the relaxation of water gently pouring down over you.